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What is Security Guardian?

Security Guardian is a security and trust seal for Website. Security Guardian is also an online vulnerability scan service. The scan is executed periodically or on-demand in order to certify the Website’s security, with the Webseal,  if no critical vulnerability has been detected.

Security Guardian is an online service (SaaS), it is not a tool to be installed on the Web Server.

 Which benefits does the use of Security Guardian produce?

  • Sales Increment

  • Conversion Rate Increment

  • Build Trust

  • Security Increment

  • Permanent Web Security Monitoring

  • Save money in audits

Why Choose Security Guardian?

  • We believe that without security there is no trust

  • Our seals produce an higher sales increment

  • Our solutions are less expansive

  • Bigger quality-price ratio

  • Our vulnerabilities database has higher quality: more vulnerabilities and latest vulnerability patterns 

  • Easy and fast multi-domains security management

If you want to know available versions and pricing about Security Guardian's Web Vulnerability Scanner and Trust Seals, do click here.


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Do you know why your Website is losing sales? The reason is the customer trust. Build customer trust with Security Guardian's Website security seal

Do not wait for the problem before you act, it is always easier to prevent than to repair. Broken confidence is usually irreparable. Get your site secure with Security Guardian Web vulnerability scan.

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Success Stories:


Dlink:"...Along with greet, I would tell you our experience with Security Guardian’s application. We are very pleased with the performance of this security application, which gave us an invaluable tool for detecting security vulnerabilities. Besides this allowed us to correct problems and audit our website to avoid attacks by hackers looking to illegally steal information from our company"

Alex Ojeda


3Scale Network: "Security Guardian provides us with a great way to pre-test all of our systems and regularly check for security holes. Scans are much deeper and more complete than other products on the market - congratulations to the team of Security Guardian  on such a great tool!" Steven Willmott

Steven Willmott

CEO 3Scale



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