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The Enterprise version of Security Guardian Website security monitoring, Web privacy, trust and security certification or seal has been designed for organization with high security needs as providers of business portals, banks, Service as a Software (SaaS) companies, governmental institutions, online shops, online supermarkets, universities, insurances and health care portals. The Enterprise version provides permanent web security monitor of the security certified website/online shop/online service with daily vulnerability scans to assure a high level of security. This version includes a comprehensive web security monitoring console over the online portal of Security Guardian which allows the visualization of detected vulnerabilities, the automatic e-mail scan result reporting, generate reports and graphics. - All you need to monitor, manage and certify your website security.

This version also allows registering as Trusted Vendor to assure the end-customer the authenticity of the vendor. All Security Guardian Website security monitoring and web security certification versions support SMS alert service when a critical vulnerability has been detected. This feature is very useful for critical Server or business.



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Privacy, Trust and Security Seal

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